Thursday, March 31, 2011

New photos of Milestone

Well Greg Callaghan and the folks from Shaffer have been at it for a bit more than a week.  They have a very tight schedule to keep in order to deliver on time.  You can begin to see to outlines of the bar and the kitchen.  Framing has been done on our restaurant sized office.  Closet might be a touch more fair, but in a restaurant you don't make money sitting in an office.

Once you get a desk, copier, two computers and all the files in there I am not sure Doug or I are going to fit and for sure not the both of us.  We will have to have meetings on the patio.

One of the challenges for the project is that the floor was a foot thick concrete in the kitchen.  The drains for all the sinks, dish machine, steam kettle and additional conduit had to be cut into the floor.
 This will give you an idea on how thick the floor is. I am going to see if I can use it as a door stop. 

  There was some concern that they might hit some conduit when they cut this.  It looks like the cuts came out clean.  I wonder if that means I can get more smallwares.  A cryovac and immersion circulator  would fit nicely.

Well once the door that is cut into that wall this is not going to be a place to sit and hang out.  I am also promising that the kitchen floor will never be that dirty again.

So buried in all that construction is the outline of the bar, pizza oven and salad station.  The metal studs with be sheet rocked and painted, the bar is off to the right and the pizza oven is a little circle on the left.  It is going to covered in Copper "Shingles".  

There is a slightly better view of the future pizza oven, which we ordered today.
It is a Dough Pro 5 Ft gas oven.  I know what you are thinking "No wood?" , well let me tell you the wood does not really impart much flavor to the pizza.  Think about it all the smoke goes right up the chimney.   And burning all that wood is not so good for folks with Asthma.
Well there is the door to the kitchen.  It is hard to see now but there will be meat and cheese and cream and vegetables flowing right through that door.  We will have lots of young cooks learning their trade and I can imagine a frustrated Chef bounding right outside to cool off after running the line with Red, White and Boom happening on the patio.  The outlines are starting to take shape.  Some of the players are on the stage.  Pretty soon it will be showtime. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Things start moving on the Mile

So the great folks from the Columbus Brewing Company are opening a new restaurant or the banks of the Scioto River.  It is in what was the Bicentennial Park and now is the Scioto Mile.  We picked up the "Mile", and named the restaurant Milestone 229. I am Christian and I am going to be the Chef.  I am also going to keep track of things as we get moving on construction, setting up the menu and wine, figure out if we will be able to get a pizza oven to fit, and all the other trial and tribulations of opening a restaurant.

Here are some photos where we are now.

 Standing at COSI looking across the Scioto.  The Restaurant is the oval building in the center.  To the left is a new bridge being built.  It looks like the bridge will run right into the restaurant but it turns off to the left right at the end.  The Scioto is also really high in this photo. It has been raining like crazy the past month.

I love the windows.  Floor to ceiling 30 ft high going all the way around.One of these windows will have to come out in order to get the pizza oven in there.  It is like 70 inches in diameter and weighs 5000lbs.

This shows both the beautiful wood ceiling and the patio as well. 

The restaurant looks pretty small.  The designers say it is always that way and that when we get everything in there we will be surprised at how much space there really is.  You can also see a chunk of the patio here. 

I was standing in the fountain here.  You can see the patio on the left the restaurant on the right.  This gives you a great perspective how dynamic and striking the building is.