Monday, April 18, 2011

Construction continues

 So I stopped by Milestone 229 today to check in on the progress of construction.  The fountain was bubbling away and the folks from MSI were cleaning up the site.  There were some big wigs scheduled to come down to watch them put the fountain through it's paces.  I was hungry and want to check out Foddie Carts new offerings in the Short North. so I did not stick around to see the fountain go off.  Foodie Carts' new offerings were great.  Like little balls of pancakes with cabbage, octopus or sausage.  I have to say I liked the cabbage the best.  I would also advise letting them cool down a bit before eating they are hot like crazy on the inside.  

Construction seems to be right on pace.  The plumbers and electricians were in.  The lines are run for hand sinks and the steam kettle.  You can see where the Dishtank will drain to.  Out front the bar is taking shape.
The front of the bar will be covered in copper shingles and it will be topped with wood.  You can see how the line follows the curves in the building.  Most of the design elements echo back to the shape of the building.

 We worked on Smallwares this week as well setting up final decisions on plates (square), wine glasses (big) and flatware (heavy but conservative).  We are looking at some cool fondue pots, cast iron skillets and a cast Iron pot to make Mac'N'Cheese in.  I have been eating lots of Mac'N'Cheese over the past few weeks at some notable new openings in Columbus.  Suffice to say that when we open I think you find ours is the creamiest , the cheesiest and the tastiest.  We will be getting flutes for sparkling wine and carafes for Sangria. 

 The shot above is of the prep station.  You can never have to many plugs in your prep area.  We have thought a lot about the folks who will be working in the space.  While we have had to fight the natural layout of the building we have been conscious to try to create good work spaces.  The folks working prep have their own table a steam kettle and ovens.  They are the heart of the operation.  Roasting and pulling pork.  Roasting fresh Gerber Chickens , rolling out gnocchi and keeping the line stocked with everthing it needs.  These folks are the engine that keeps the restaurant moving.  You don't often see them.  They are getting no James Beard awards but without them the whole thing grinds to a stop.  At CBC the woman who keeps it all together in the back kitchen is named Rebekah and she is a force to be reckoned with.   
Well the pizza oven has gotten as far as it is going to get for a bit.  We are in a holding pattern until the oven is delivered.  I am not at all sure how they are going to get that big old oven into that tiny little door way.  We will see and I will let you know.

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