Monday, May 23, 2011

Enter the Pizza Oven

 Howdy-  I figured out a few things about building a restaurant.  Maybe about building anything really.  There is a time that it seems like nothing is going on and nothing changes.  No offence to the electricians and the plumbers and the framers, I know that they are maybe among the most important folks in the process.  But it is not until the finishing work starts that you can really start to see how things come together.  How the outline the framers put out there turns into a copper covered bar with a blond wood top that is really sharp.

So as you can see see things on the Mile are chugging along.  Chuck, our foreman, says he thinks we are more or less on schedule.  This has been a tough process for him and he seems unflappable.  The pizza oven arrived at 5:00AM on SUNDAY.  I told myself that I was going to be there to document the process for you the reader. did not work out that way.

See we thought things were going to be slow Saturday at CBC.  It was set to be a fantastic night in Columbus.  Cool, clear, the sun was out late.  As it turns out instead of people staying home, or going to friends for a cook out, they came to the Brewery and ordered off of  Noe's saute station.

"Noe, Call. 3 Burgers, 2 Fish San, Burrito, 5 Chick sando Special Set."  Noe said he hears me calling tickets out in his dreams.  Sometimes it is like that, it seems like everyone is ordering off your station.  Chef Brian sent Jose home because he had a pretty bad burn on his arm. So he was on salads and the left me on expo.  Jennifer cut a host and that put her on the door.  Thus instead of heading out early after  125people.  It was more like limping out after 245. Restaurants are like that.  Right when you think you have it figured out he jumps around and bites you in the ass.

The oven is about 3000 pounds.  If you could see the area around the restaurant you would have to wonder how they ever got it inside.  To say that things are muddy out there is the definition understatement.  So while I was sleeping they managed to get the oven place.

 It is a touch naked right now but it will be covered in copper shingles.  See the above photo from the bar.  I just had a vision of cleaning the out side of this thing.  Brings the term Delegate to mind.

There are some cool touches to the new oven.  it is also pretty big.  I am guessing 10 - 12 pizzas at a time.  My big question is going to be about HEAT.  I want that deck at 600 degrees.

 So this little peice of pipe with a bit of really cool flare on the top side was sorta hanging out in the middle of the oven while some folks scratched their heads trying to figure out how the hell to get it to fit into the oven.  The three of us were all on the large side and a touch old as well.  So enter the fit youth.
"Hey can you climb in there and see if you can get that pipe to fit?"

 This is, I am guessing will be the last time anyone will be climbing into the oven.

Ahh Success.

To all you cooks out there.  Make sure to clean the hoods tonight.

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