Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Because Chickens Don't Have Fingers

I apologize for my tardiness in adding new content.  I have been swamped with opening the restaurant and all that entails.  For example opening about 1000 boxes with everything from plates and glasses to an olive stuffer that KJ ordered.  Apparently it helps get blue cheese into an olive with out getting your hands dirty.  That is SO FOH.  Enough with the excuses.  I will say though, my camera decided that it is not talking to my computer any longer.  I am not sure who did what to whom, neither are brand new, and at least one has been dropped rather recently.  Thus no photos of the six pallets that arrived from Wasserstrom last week. Sorry.

What I intended to tell you about is the kids menu and to ask the deep and moving question that has been haunting me, knowing that this day was looming.

Must we have chicken fingers on the menu?

I don't have to get them from Tyson or McDonalds I suppose that I could take our wonderful chickens  and cut them into strips or chunks or nuggets.  I then could bread and fry these delicious little morsels.

Wouldn't drumsticks suffice.  I am an old man, but I don't think chickens had fingers when I was a kid.  I remember being enamored of the leg, the drumstick.  It had a convenient little handle on the end, and if you finished two there was always the inevitable moment when the drumsticks lived up to their name and provided a young Max Roach wannabe the opportunity to liven up the diner table with all manner of beats and fills.

I looked and it is true chickens don't really have fingers.  It is more like little hard gelatinous toes.  So we could stretch out and offer up chicken toes.  But would your children really eat them?  My understanding is that they are both difficult make well and also to eat.   So tell me dear reader would you eat chicken feet? No? 

Well we have also been toying with the 21st Century Elvis- a whole wheat, organic peanut butter, Ohio honey and banana quesadilla.  I bet you perked up with that one.  Or maybe just a little pizza or a simple burger made good by using Ohio Proud beef.  Could it be that you are looking for a bit of our soon to be famous Mac and Cheese.  More Stouffer's than Kraft.  All made in house with more love then a facotry can give.

All that is well and good.  But I ask again can we survive without the dreaded or sorta loved  
Chicken Finger?


  1. 1 Vote for no Chicken Fingers/Nuggets

  2. Hard decision...family friendly area but seems to be a restaurant for grown ups. I vote yes but with fab Mac n Cheese. Btw...how does one get a reservation for Sat the 9th?