Saturday, July 2, 2011

Red, White, and Boom at Milestone

Jeannie, Doug and I climbed the fence at Bicentennial Park for Red, White and Boom last night.  Well really I just convinced the police that I belonged in the restaurant.  After a bit they, the Police, knocked on the door and said there was some man trying to get in.  They were wondering if that would be OK with me.  It turned out to be my Boss Doug Griggs.  For a brief second I thought, "maybe I don't know him".  But no, I told the Policeman that yes it was ok to let Doug into his restaurant.

Things at the restaurant are really picking up speed.  At first it seemed to me that we had plenty of time and that we would be able to get everything done.  Now I have 130 people in for dinner tomorrow, and what I would like is just a few more days.

The Printer in the kitchen has a ghost in it.  Or maybe more truthfully the wires have some gremlins running around in there and they are not the nice fuzzy ones.  On thursday we were getting partial orders, double orders, sometimes it was printing in red and a couple times it sure seemed like it was printing in 1-point type.

I also am wishing I had spent last month writing recipes and not tasting wines.  We are going to get it together.  Don't get me wrong, it will be a push right up to the end but we are going to look at either rerouting computers or printer cables, I spent the day organizing and when I left Nick had just arrived to put in some work on his day off. 

There is Old Nick and Matt right there.  Not the greatest shot, but they are working so I don't want to
distract them.  Nick is on the right.  He worked at Ocean Club and was most recently KM at DVT.  He is working his ass off right now getting this thing opened.  He will be on grill tomorrow if you are coming in for dinner you should order off his station so he can get the practice.

Matt is on the left.  He is our sensitive Sous.  Dedicated, hardworking, always in good humor Matt has been, and continues to work some silly long hours for our company.  Matt came from CBC where he was Sous Chef for Brian Cook.  He gives us continuity to CBC.  Matt is our roots player.  He is going to be out front looking pretty for the people.  All salads, pizza and deserts will pass under his eye.  He also gets to have a radio in his ear that is attached to me.  One could only be so lucky.

All the sudden my camera and computer decided to start talking again.  So I have a few things backed up to share. So without further ado:

Chairs with a Backdrop of Miranova. Creative. Artistic. 

Cool looking lights from Brent and the boys to prove they don't just love black.  
These ones did not need any Scotch Tape.
One Martini, Two Martini, Three Martini, Floor
That's for Dave Snyder gotta know where you come from.

I thought we had more than enough.  These are all full.  I am wondering if I might be able to borrow some?  Any one who brings a five gallon bucket tomorrow gets a free tour of the kitchen.

All but one of our Tap beers are from Ohio.  We love Craft Beer and we love Ohio.  
Think Local. Drink Local
 Well it is not super clear but you get the Idea.  Next year this is going to be
the best spot to watch Columbus blow stuff up.

Even Columbus' finest took a moment to enjoy the show.  Very nice folks, thanks for your service.
Doug and Jeannie were enjoying the front row seats.  Jeannie is from New York and is Matt's Mom and Doug's wife.  She has a lot invested in our success.  She also has a very nice New York accent and a really cool daughter who is getting married soon.  Jennifer is the GM at CBC so if you see her congratulate her on her upcoming nuptials.
Opening day is right around the corner.  I hope to see you all in the restaurant soon.  That's all for now.  Christian

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  1. Christian! Love your blog, as always. Who is this Hattemer, by the way? Any connection to this great family??