Thursday, July 14, 2011

Days Off, Fountain Photos, Temper Temper

Randomly the other day Doug told us the story of his visit to the Hoover Dam. It seems that there were two camps. One camp with folks who were working on the dam, and one camp with folks waiting for the folks to give up on working on the dam. The folks who were working on the Dam for the most part were carrying rocks from here to there. Apparently they only had three days off a year. I am hoping he was not sharing this with the expectation that I was going to volunteer for that schedule. Well any way, after working since the Fourth of July averaging about 15 hours a day, today I went in, did my ordering and ran for the hills. It is a good feeling time off. One of the great advantages that has been handed down by our forefathers is the 40 hour work week. I think France has gone to far and many countries have not done enough, but 40 hours seems right for how much a person should devote to earning their pay. Someday I hope to be able to join the ranks of the 40 hour week. But today I am a happy man with a few hours to rest and recuperate.

Well this is sorta what you see outside our door. Kids running around in the fountain. Everyone having a blast. I was talking with one of our servers yesterday who said it was rejuvenating just to watch.
I have seen a couple shockers including a completely naked child. Not really appropriate. This may as I stated earlier feel a lot like an extension of your backyard sprinkler. It however is not actually your backyard so you need to keep your pants on. There are changing rooms provided so lets make sure we are using them.

This has been a difficult and trying time for me. There have been a few times where I lost sight of one of our tenements, "that work should be fun". The human mind can only push so far until it pushes back, so I would like to extend my most heart felt apologies to my staff and the staff of the dinning room for those moments when my stress spilled out all over the floor, scooped itself up into a mind numbing rage and chased you from the kitchen with your third wrongly plated Chicken dish. You know who you are. Temper Temper Chef.

A little Bacon Wrapped Wild Gulf Shrimp with Slaw and BBQ to send you on your way.
Much Love Columbus Thanks for the support. Christian


  1. I'm getting hungry, Christian, and not just because my dinner guests are showing up late tonight. We're having Dungeness crab ceviche here in Seattle with roasted eggplant from the cookbook, Plenty, which Frank gave me for my birthday in hopes of finer things. I'll make sure he flies through Columbus for a taste of your fine cooking. Great blog!

  2. Am I the only one who has no desire to watch the general public run around the fountains while I'm eating and trying to enjoy a relaxing meal? Just me, huh? Oh well...get off my lawn!